Quad Steers | Towable Shelf Carts

Quad-Steer Tow Carts & Towable Shelf Carts:
• 36″ x 72″ Quad Steer tow cart with shelves. RS Casters, 3000 capacity, safety yellow
• 48″ x72″ Quad Steer tow cart with shelves. RS Casters, 3000 capacity, safety yellow
• 49″ x 98″ Quad Steer flat deck tow cart with corner guides. RS Casters, 3000 capacity, safety yellow (For Two Pallets)

*The quad steel carts come standard with 4 wheels. Also available in 6 wheel models that tracker better and offer tighter radius turns. 6 wheel model is designed for handling heavier loads and working in smaller aisleway.
**6 wheel models cannot be used in areas with ramps.

NOTES: EST. LEAD TIME: 12-14 weeks. FOB: WI 53177

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

Quad steers are tow carts that are famous for their spindle steer design that makes the carts track REALLY, REALLY WELL – THE BEST A CART CAN POSSIBLY TRACK.

It’s common to see 6-8 Quad Steer Carts towed with a tugger snaking it’s way down the aisles of a manufacturing facility with the primary task of replenishing the assembly line and work areas with fresh parts. The operator of the quad steer carts transports bulk material or small lot deliveries (smaller boxes) and takes parts off the tow carts when they reach certain spots in the line.

An assembly line worker may be running out of parts but he can be sure that a tow cart operator is on his way with his line of quad steer tow carts to replenish the supply. The operator will drop off new bins filled with parts while taking the empty bins back to the warehouse to be refilled. This is the lifeblood of any manufacturing company.

Quad Steer towable utility carts are ideal for towing together behind a tugger and can operate well in narrow aisles. Tow carts are only pulled, never pushed. They are great for bulk delivery of product within your warehouse or manufacturing facility. These towable utility carts are primarily used for replenishment of parts from warehouse to line side assembly areas.

The advantage of having a series of tow cart is that you can pick up components at one side of your plant and deliver them to the other side of your plant. They help in achieve a “Forklift Free” work zone that reduces operating costs and increases worker safety. A series of quad steer tow carts can replace 6-8 forklifts in our facility without losing productivity. Tow carts can deliver products and components to the dock for transportation, warehouse for storage or to the assembly line.

Carts always stayed connected while towed behind a tugger. The tow carts can snake through narrow aisleways and the quad steer casters allow them to track very well. They come standard with a 4 wheel configuration but can be upgraded with 6 wheels which improve tracking and increase turning radius.

Tow carts can be retrofit with shelves to increase storage density, handling and picking efficiency. Our biggest selling towable utility carts are also quad steer carts. The shelves allow you to get more product on each cart while helping organize parts within the cart.

The primary components to our tow carts are as follows:
Corner Guards
Tow Package
*Our Patented Hitch
Quad Steer System
Optional Shelves