Mother Daughter Tow Carts | Parent Child Carts

Mother Daughter Tow Carts:
• Standard Size
• Daughter Carts 49×46 and 33 x 31

*All carts come standard with 4 wheels which help reduce cost.
**All carts can be ordered with 6 wheels that offer better tracking and tighter radius turns – but that certainly raised the cost. 6 wheels are required in narrower aisles.
***6 wheel models are not recommended to be used in areas with ramps.

NOTES: EST. LEAD TIME: 12-14 weeks. FOB: WI 53177

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

Just like in life, a Mother carries her Daughter. It is a natural and beautiful thing!

Our Mother Daughter Carts actually mimic that concept. A Mother Daughter cart system consists of three separate carts: one large all encompassing Mother Cart and two smaller adjoining Daughter carts. The concept is simple, the Daughter carts can attach to the Mother cart, which can attach to other Mother carts and create a train that can be towed around your warehouse or manufacturing facility.

What is the purpose of the Mother Daughter carts you may ask? Two words, “Stock Replenishment”. This is accomplished by doing a cart exchange and delivering fully stocked material handling tugger carts while at the same time picking up empty carts on the assembly line. For example operators on the assembly line are working on a “Two bin system” where they have a daughter cart with two bins that are filled with headlamps, when the operator has emptied one bin and is starting to work from the second bin there should be a Mother cart in route and on it’s way with fully loaded Daughter carts to replenish stock and do a cart exchange with empty carts.

Who uses Mother Daughter carts? Just about any manufacturer as long as they have 8′ or greater aisleways. Mother Daughter carts are VERY popular in the Automotive Industry and also Tier 1 automotive part suppliers. Just about any manufacturer with an assembly line will find the Mother Daughter Carts a must. Mother Daughter carts are not just used for Automotive, they are used for any type of manufacturing. They could be used for transporting keyboards, batteries, gears, you name it and we’ve probably built a cart for it.

Where are Mother Daughter Carts coming from and where are they going? 90% of the time Mother Daughter carts are coming from a warehouse after getting loaded with raw materials and parts and traveling on their routes through the factory and getting dropped off at the line side (not necessarily one continues assembly line, some factories have multiple assembly lines) for the purpose of replenishing assembly line workers with needed parts.

Typically on average our tuggable Mother Daughter cart system can replaced 9-10 fork trucks – which is huge. We call it “Fork Truck Free” work environment which reduces operating cost and increases worker safety. These Mother carts can be joined together in a train of 2, or more commonly 3, carts that are pulled by an electric tugger. Surprisingly, we much prefer these Mother carts get pulled by a tugger and not a forklift. We recommend you purchase your tugger from any local forklift dealer who can provide parts and service after the sale – in case your tugger breaks down.

Another advantage to the Mother and Daughter cart system over standard material handling tugger carts is that, say you need the third tow cart in a chain of 8 carts your forced to disassemble the entire chain and reconnect them. But with a Mother Daughter cart system you can simply pull the Daughter cart out while not disrupting the chain. This saves you valuable time.

When tow carts are fully loaded trying to connect them back together can be a real challenge. That is the beauty of the Mother Daughter Cart system. Instead of having to take one cart out of the chain the Parent Child cart system allows you to easily detach one of the Daughter cart out from the Mother carts while leaving the Mother carts linked together in a chain. The Daughter carts can be constantly changed or swapped out with ease.

We have common sizes of Mother Daughter material handling tugger carts. We can also manufacture custom sizes to meet our customers specific needs. A Mother cart can carry at least two of the standard medium size Daughter carts, or a combination of one large and one small daughter or just one very large Daughter cart. The Mother Daughter Cart combination is flexible and can be designed to allow you to carry multiple sizes in the same Mother cart footprint.

We’ve talked plenty about the Mother cart now let’s talk about the Daughter cart. What constitutes a daughter cart? Is it a wire cart, steel shelf cart, a cart with plastic bins? The answer is that any kind of cart can be made into a Daughter cart. We can use a bin cart, static cart, tilt cart, rotation cart, virtually any cart can be a Daughter cart. What represents a Daughter cart more than anything is that it locks into the Mother cart. It automatically locks when pushed in place and manually unlocks when the user pushes a handle which activates a spring loaded pin that unlock the Daughter cart from the Mother cart.

Lastly, the big advantage of our Mother Daughter carts over our competitors’ Mother Daughter carts is that our carts have “All Wheels on The Ground – At All Times.” The wheels on the daughter cart stay on the ground and don’t lift up. That is a big thing. Other manufacturers carts have Daughter carts lifted off the floor and the problem with that is when the cart is released you have a cart that weighs up to 2000 LBS rolling at the operator which is a big safety issue. We have won many jobs on this safety feature point alone.