Yes, racks and containers can be stored outside. That’s not a problem. Pallet racks, cantilever racks, returnable shipping racks as well as steel and wire containers are commonly installed or stored outdoors. Most often because there is not enough room indoors to utilize and store them.

But keep in mind that they will eventually get spots of surface rust, especially where the paint is scratched or rubbed off. But the rust is only surface rust and doesn’t affect the structural integrity of the racks or containers. See attached pictures for examples of racks and containers that have been stored outside for 10, 15 up to 20 years.

Our corrugated steel or rigid wire containers and collapsible wire containers will not hold rain water as they have gaps along the corrugated bottom panels or wire mesh that not allow rain water to collect. If surface rust is an issue for you and your company due to product contamination issues than the answer is emphatically, NO. Don’t store them outside.

The solution to rust resistance is to request your racks and containers receive a special hot dipped galvanized finish. This is something we can do and you may have seen it at Home Depot or Lowes Outdoor Garden Center. But keep in mind adding a hot dipped galvanized finish could double the price of the racks and containers as it is commonly done out of house.