As a follow up to the post we had done a year or two ago, steel prices are on their way back down which will eventually help reduce the cost of racks, shelving and containers made of steel. Surprisingly as it seems the price of everything else in the world is going up, steel prices have bee coming down.

Unarco, the manufacturers of high quality pallet rack do a great job of charting the price of steel. The graphs on this page are courtesy of their website. As you can see from the 52 week steel price data and the historical steel pricing that steel prices have been dropping since early-mid 2021.

Please keep in mind that this doesn’t immediately affect the price of pallet racks, steel shelving, steel and wire containers as many manufacturers are using steel they purchased at the higher price as well as many dealers are sitting on inventory of products manufactured at the higher steel prices. Until that inventory is sold and new product arrives in it’s place lower prices may not be apparent.