Warehouse Rack & Shelf is a top supplier of pallet racks and pallet rack accessories. We’re also one of the largest suppliers of used rack and equipment in North America. We are committed to bringing you the highest quality at the lowest prices.

The word “used” doesn’t always get the best reputation. We know “used” and “quality” don’t usually go together, but we know our used parts will change your mind. Why should you buy used?

1. Save Money: Buying used rack parts can be a huge money saver. Used parts are a great way to update your racking system without the expense of completely replacing it. Updating your beams or uprights could really extend the life of your racking system, which saves money in the long-run.

2. Increase safety: Updating your racking system keeps your rack, and in turn, your personnel, safe and secure. A used part could be a great solution if you have forklift damage to a part of your rack. You won’t lose valuable time replacing the whole system by replacing one part instead.

3. Still great quality: Just because these parts have been used doesn’t mean they aren’t still high quality. We don’t sell damaged material. We can also refurbish at an additional cost to be sure they are up to your standards.

4. Durable: We only sell pieces made from high quality materials. You can trust what you’re buying will last a long time, even if it’s been used.

We will have tons of used rack parts and accessories available from a warehouse liquidation in Ohio. It’s being disassembled now and will be available in the next few weeks.

We highly suggest you consider buying used! Check out the details of this liquidation below:

900 – 21’ x 44” Teardrop uprights.
6000 – 102” x 4-1/2” Teardrop beams.
2000 – 144” x 4” Teardrop beams
1000 – 144” x 5” Teardrop beams
13,000 – 44” pallet supports
*Best prices on truckload quantity

NOTE: Wire decking is available. Wire decking a great choice for its versatility and durability. Many insurance companies are requiring wire decking over particle board or laminate decking due to fire hazards. Now is a great time to update your shelving accessories.
44×46 about 1,500 – 2,000 PCS at each location. 42×46 2500# and 2000# cap. – Thousands at each location – over 40K in Chicago

We also have great deals on other used rack, shelving and equipment in St. Louis. Here are some other used specials:

Steel shelving is extremely durable. It can be used for many storage situations, and it doesn’t rust! This is a shelving system you’ll be using for a long time to come.

2,000 – 24” x 48” steel shelving
2,000 – 18” x 36” steel shelving

Span Track Carton Flow Rack is the ultimate in FIFO storage and order picking.
4000 – 87” x 9-1/2” span track carton flow (made for 8’ deep back to back rack)

12 step Cotterman rolling ladder (1500 Series Knockdown Ladder). This ladder would a great addition to your operation. You’ll find yourself using this all the time! More details: 162″ OAH. (120″ to top step) 32″ Overall step width (30″ ID). 10″ deep top step. Safety locking wheels. Standard expanded metal tread. Base: 32″ W. x 88″ L. Color: Gray

Used GM-5131 Wire Bins are the most popular automotive bulk bins. We have 88 PCS which amount to a truckload of used GM-5131’s that are available for immediate purchase.

Used Ford ZE-13 Wire bins are similar to the GM-5131 in construction but differ slightly in size. They are built like a tank. We have 38 PCS available used.

This used rack, shelving and containers will go fast, so be sure to move quickly on what you want. Get a quote for used rack and equipment here.