Protecting your bottom line with security gates

Folding security gates help to protect your property, your personnel and your products – and in turn, your bottom line. We know you take every precaution to keep your space safe and secure. Security gates should be a part of your safety measures.

Folding gates can be used during the day to close off doorways or dock openings while still maintaining airflow and visibility. Folding security gates increase the security of your warehouse because they keep your inventory in and unwanted parties out. We know you don’t have time for stolen inventory and neither do your customers!

You can choose from a variety of sizes to protect your openings, even ones you hadn’t thought about! Portable folding gates are great for hallways or elevators. We carry single gates for single doorways, double gates, and even specialty dock gates for your shipping and receiving area.

Security gates provide extra protection at night once doors and windows (that’s right – we have them for windows, too!) have been closed and locked.

Window gates can be used in stores, homes and businesses to provide extra protection and peace of mind.

Barrier gates are used to restrict an area – often an access point. You can link these together to create whatever length you need. These are ideal for areas under construction or areas with heavy-duty machinery. By restricting areas, you prevent unauthorized personnel from entering a potentially dangerous area, which prevents costly accidents and damage.

Barrier gates help increase security because they can keep your personnel out of potentially dangerous areas.

Speaking of preventing damage, aluminum folding gates are rust-resistant! These gates will last you for a long time to come, even in harsh weather conditions, like rain, snow or heat. This style of gate is an excellent investment because it’s high quality and long lasting.

Folding security gates are definitely an investment in your operation. We know keeping your staff and space safe is your top priority – why not also protect your bottom line?

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