Stack racks have a lot of benefits, so it’s no wonder they’re one of our most in-demand products. They maximize space in the warehouse by using vertical space to store up and not out. They improve organization and safety in the warehouse by keeping the floors clear.  

Stack racks also allow you to more efficiently cube out shipping trailers. They reduce the damage that can come from bulk stacking in the trailer and can help you cut down on shipping costs. No matter how you use stack racks, they’ll help you maximize storage density and efficiency.

Standard stack racks are made of a base and removable corner posts that come in a set of 4. A standard stack rack can do so much for your operation, but imagine what a customized stack rack could do! We stock five standard sizes, but you can create a custom warehouse racking system that meets your unique needs with stack rack accessories.

Picking a stack rack is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Start by picking a base warehouse racking pattern. If you have a 48” x 48” base, you will need a B-2 base. If you have anything larger than a 48” x 48” then you will need to select a B-4 Base. The B-4 base provides extra support for longer racks.
  1. Next you will want to determine the height of your removable corner posts based on required clear height on inside of stack rack. The size of corner posts should equal the clearance you need on the inside of your pallet rack. We have a variety of lengths available. 60” is our most popular option.
  1. Then you can pick from a list of options and accessories:

Fork Stirrups / Fork Guides: It’s hard to move stack racks because they’re awkward and it’s hard to find their center. Enter fork stirrups. Fork stirrups, or fork guides, allow you to secure the stack rack to the forks of the forklift while in transit. This accessory is especially important if you’ll be using stack racks for shipping trailers and moving them frequently. They give you an extra sense of security.

Steel Runners: Stack racks with steel runners give you peace of mind when storing heavy duty items. The steel runners provide extra bracing and help to more evenly distribute the weight of of rack across the forks. Steel runners can give your forklift driver confidence when transporting stack racks! Choose from 2-way of 4-way runners, depending on the weight you’re storing.

Removable Side Bars: Secure your inventory with removable side bars. The bars keep your inventory in place and save you the headache (and potential safety hazard) of broken inventory.  They’re removable so you can easily load and unload racks and put the bars right back into place.

Removable Side Frames: Up your security and stability with removable side frames. Removable side frames are a must-have feature if you’re using stack racks for shipping. They’ll prevent inventory from falling off the stack racks in the event of a rough ride. There also great for improving the safety in the warehouse by keeping the products secure in racks and off the floor.

Plywood Decking: If you’re looking for a budget pick, plywood decking a great option. It’s a durable option that won’t break or break the bank. The plywood surface makes it easy to slide boxes on and off. This is an ideal option for storing lighter items.

Wire Mesh Decking: Wire mesh decking is always a popular choice for any storage option, and it’s no different with stack racks. The wire mesh gives even support across the decking. The open design allows for light and air to filter through, which is a hugely important for preventing fires! You really can’t go wrong with wire mesh decking for standard storage.

Steel Decking: If you’re looking for a heavy duty storage option, look no further than steel decking. It’s a workhorse that can hold up up 2,500-3,000 pounds. Although it’s one of the more expensive options, it’s a worthwhile investment that will last you for years to come.

Perforated Steel Decking: Perforated steel decking is lightweight, yet durable, and has drainage to keep your decking from rusting. The perforations make this a lightweight option, but it can still take a beating. You can throw boxes and bags on this surface and not worry about damaging it. This is a great option if you’re storing lighter inventory but need to move it quickly. h

B-4 Base: The B-4 base allows for four way entry, which gives you great flexibility when accessing and transporting the stack rack. If you have a rack longer than 48” x 48”, you’ll want to go with the B-4 base.

B-2 Base: The biggest difference between the B-2 base and B-4 base is the way you pick it up. You can fork the the B-2 base from opposite sides, instead of all four. This is a great option for smaller racks.

No matter how you choose to accessorize your rack, you’ll enjoy increased storage density and efficiency. One of our experts would be happy to help you accessorize your stack rack to suit your needs!