We recently got a large order for collapsible wire baskets that are being used for the Kanban lean manufacturing method. Our collapsible wire baskets are used to support Kanban “Just In Time” initiatives by organizing and sending small quantities of parts to production lines. 

Kanban got its start in Japan in the 1940s and is a style of project management and production that focuses on operating lean. This approach focuses on starting where you are with what you have, as opposed to doing a total overhaul. 

One of the principles of Kanban is the idea of “Just in Time” which focuses on using what’s available at the moment and storing just what you need, instead of overstocking. This approach can be applied to a number of operations, including warehouse operations. 

Collapsible wire baskets have tons of applications across a number of industries, so it’s not surprising that collapsible wire baskets are the perfect storage solution for the Kanban shelving method. 

The mesh design makes it easy to quickly take inventory of what you have, so you can avoid unnecessary overstocking. This saves time and money! Wire baskets are easy to move, and they also don’t require you to unload a shelf or pallet to take inventory, which saves a lot of time. 

These baskets help clearly organize tools and materials, so personnel don’t have to spend a lot of time searching for them or weeding through other tools. The baskets also improve safety by helping keep the floors and assembly areas clear. Additionally, the increase storage density and efficiency. 

Because the baskets are collapsible, they can be knocked down when not in use. This keeps the area clear and allows the line to focus on the task at hand. They work perfectly for a lean operation because they allow you to eliminate unnecessary clutter and work with what you have! 

Our warehouse storage solutions can support your operation’s goals and initiatives. Collapsible wire baskets are just as versatile as they are efficient. We’d love to talk about how we can help you maximize your operation with storage solutions like collapsible wire baskets.