In order to quote custom automotive returnable shipping racks we will need to get either detailed manufacturing drawings or a DXF file on the actual rack which customers designer can provide – or any solid model format, IGES or a STEP file. Your designer will be able to get you the info we need. Our engineer is able to create our own manufacturing drawings from DXF files which will provide us a bill of material required to quote parts racks.

We need drawings to verify all of the material sizes and gauges in order to quote properly, which a drawing set of manufacturing drawings would contain. If you don’t have drawings of an existing rack we suggest you ask your current rack manufacturer to provide drawings. They may cost you money but we are very confident the net savings on the rack will offset the expense of acquiring a set of mfg. drawing.

Another option is for the customer to send a sample of the rack to the factory at Warehouse Rack & Shelf, Attn. Brad McNamee, 5739 Natural Bridge, St. Louis 63120. In most cases we would pay the freight for customer to send sample to the factory. The engineer will use the sample to reverse engineer it. We could send it back when we are done.

And if you don’t have an existing returnable rack we are specialists at designing the rack around your parts. All you have to do is send us part files and parameters of rack design such as ideal width, depth and height of rack, weight limit of rack, number of parts stored per rack, etc. What is the weight of each part? What is the total number of parts you are wanting to store? Approximately how many racks would you need? We can quote a number of different quantities.

We’re very interested in quoting automotive shipping racks for you and your company. Please contact us at 800-763-9020 or email to discuss your requirements.