Warehouse safety is of the utmost importance to us. Not only do we strive to help you increase your efficiency and maximize your storage density, we’re here to help you create and maintain the safest environment in your warehouse.

Before we discuss which products are best for maximizing warehouse safety, let’s first discuss the importance of procedures.


You need to have a detailed policies and procedures manual. Be sure you have several copies of the manual in easily accessible places.

Take a critical eye to your procedures to make sure they’re specific and clear. Update this manual as needed with the most up-to-date information. It’s essential that all employees are aware of procedures and any changes.

In addition to meeting your company standards, you also need to make sure you’re following local and national codes. Check with your local planning and zoning department to find out what requirements you need to meet. You will also need to check with OSHA to make sure you are compliant with their standards.

It’s a good idea to also check with your insurance company to make sure you are meeting the company’s requirements for protecting your employees and your space.


Our goal is to always provide you with the best products for your operation. What works for someone else might not work for you. We take into consideration your unique needs and advise you on the best choice for you.

We offer many products for maximizing your warehouse operation, but we believe these wire products will maximize safety and security in your warehouse.

Woven Wire Partitions 2Wire Partitions

Wire partitions are great because they allow you to enclose an area without having to build an additional room. You are able to add onto these partitions in the future so you can maximize your storage space without losing any time to construction. If you’re working with heavy duty or potentially dangerous equipment, wire partitions are a must-have for your space.

Wire partitions are also an excellent way to secure both items and information. This product can store everything from evidence to firearms to records. Each unit comes with a cylinder lock so you can be assured your items and information will be secure.
We highly recommend wire partitions for your space to increase your security and storage density. You just can’t beat the quality, ease of installation and versatility of this product!

Wire Storage LockersWire Lockers

Because wire lockers don’t have a back, they are great for those odds spaces that have gone unused. Store cleaning supplies, hazardous material or equipment efficiently and safely!

The wire mesh makes everything visible so you can clearly see everything you are storing. This visibility leads to increased safety because no one will accidentally reach in and grab something dangerous. You can also secure items to the wire mesh wall panels, such as tools or cords. Using the side of the locker increases storage density and safety.

Wire lockers are also great options for tenant storage in apartments. The wire mesh allows for ventilation, which is important for a storage area. A damp, closed-off space is the last place you want to keep important items!

You can purchase individual or multiple units. A single tier wire locker generally works in most spaces, but we’d be happy to discuss your options!

Wire Partition Machine Guard Pic 1Wire Machine Guards

We can’t stress enough the importance of a wire partition machine guard for your warehouse. This product keeps the two most essential parts of your operation safe: your personnel and machinery.

The wire partition provides a barrier between your personnel and dangerous machinery. A wire partition machine guard is much more affordable than building a separate workspace. Because the machinery will be visible, you don’t have to worry about anyone walking into the space without knowing what is there and potentially injuring themselves.

By protecting your equipment, you protect your bottom line. You save on repair costs, and you don’t have to lose valuable time because of a broken machine. You also decrease the risk of machine malfunction, which increases everyone’s safety.

We can build exactly what you need. Whether it’s a stand-alone guard or full enclosure, we’ll work with you to create the best design for your space.

Driver-Access-CagesWire Driver Access Cages

Shipping and receiving may be a less obvious area of your warehouse to secure, but it’s in your best interest to protect everyone on both sides of the area. Not only can this station act as an emergency exit for your employees, it also keeps your warehouse secure.

By providing a barrier into your warehouse, you are protecting anyone who is unauthorized or unfamiliar with your workspace. If a visitor is unfamiliar with your procedures, they could seriously injure themselves or someone else.

This barrier can also protect you against any damage or theft from an unwelcome person. You likely have a large volume of people coming to your space each day, so you want to make sure your inventory and employees are protected.

A wire driver access cage can also increase efficiency and organization. Because all signing for deliveries and paperwork will be done in this area, you don’t have to worry about any lost information. Everything can be dealt with from this station at a designated time, instead of carrying paperwork around the warehouse throughout the day.

pallet-rack-enclosuresWire Rack Enclosures

Not only is it important to secure your machinery and personnel, it’s important to secure your inventory. We understand a loss of inventory means a loss of time, money and sometimes a loss of customers.

A pallet wire rack enclosure can protect valuable bulk storage items. This storage system comes with a padlock lug to prevent to loss of highly valuable inventory to theft. This enclosure does also offer protection to your personnel and your machinery.

Our standard size doors are 8’ wide and 10’ high, but we can work with you to manufacture doors up to 12’ wide and 20’ high.


Rack Guard 2Wire Rack Back/Rack Guard

If you’re looking for increased security in addition to the pallet rack wire enclosure, we suggest the wire rack back and rack guard. Stackable wire panels completely enclose the rack while still providing the visibility you need.

You may have noticed increased regulations on aisles in your workplace. This product is the perfect solution because these panels keep items in place in the event of an earthquake or accident.

These racks are inexpensive, especially when you think about how much damage could cost you down the line. The rack back rack guard is a game-changer when it comes to secure pallet storage!

Wire Decking for Wide Span Shelving 4Wire Decking for Pallet Rack

Wire mesh decking is affordable and easy to install. Simply drop wire decking over the beams of your pallet rack system. Not tools required. Wire decking give you the versatility of storing single boxes or full pallet loads.

Wire decking increases safety by preventing accidental fall through of pallets or boxes that may fall from the rack to the floor. Wire decking is a safer alternative to wood decking. It is non flammable and in many cases help you to reduce your insurance rate.

The conversion of wood decking to wire decking is one of the most popular retrofits in warehousing. Many municipalities will no longer allow you to use wood decking. In many cases it is required by Fire Marshall’s.

wire-baskets-lids-1AAttached Lids for Wire Containers

Attached hinged lids for wire containers make it easy to transport inventory! You can secure the lid with a padlock, which makes this container a secure vehicle for transportation and a secure temporary storage unit if need be.

We stock lids to fit our wire containers, including the junior, medium, senior and large container sizes. These lids are a great way to get maximum use out of a product you already have.


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