Pallet Rack Repair Kits

The key to keeping your warehouse safe and running efficiently is going to the source, in other words, the skeleton that keeps your warehouse together: the pallet racks. Where would you be if you didn’t have racks to store your product? If you can keep the status of your racks consistently in shape, then you can save money. Repair kits and other rack protection products help put an end to the cycle of upright replacements by instead focusing on your preventative warehouse safety and the elimination of recurring expenses.

To prevent a catastrophic pallet rack collapse, it is important to assess your pallet rack system, identify potential problems and replace or repair all damage. You may need to contact an expert in the field of pallet rack or a structural engineer to visit your facility and perform an audit of your rack. When your pallet racks are damaged, it must be addressed immediately before a potential collapse happens causing injury or worse.

Once you see that there is a problem with the durability of your rack, you see the need to either replace it or you can simply repair it! On average, it requires about four hours of labor and $200.00 to replace only one damaged upright the old-fashioned way. This is usually performed on weekends to avoid disrupting the operation causing the need for overtime adding to the cost. You have to unload rack, disassemble beams, replace damaged upright with a new upright, re-install and reload rack. This is very time-consuming and costly. If you have damaged uprights that need replacing, it only makes sense to use rack repair kits. As they are made of stronger material to help prevent the need for future repairs. Just replacing the stock frame leaves you vulnerable to immediate damage.

Investing in a rack repair kit is an economical and durable solution to fixing damaged pallet racks in the future. Such products that can help include column repair, frame repair & pallet rack protection. With the use of pallet rack repair kits, the damaged portion of the upright can be removed and replaced in a matter of 30 minutes, or less. Plus, rack repair kits leave uprights much stronger and more damage resistant than they were before

The best solution is to protect your uprights with post protectors, V-nose protectors, end-of-aisle protectors, guide rails and guard rails that help prevent damage before it ever happens.

Repair Product Added Benefits:
1 Maintaining the upkeep of racks promotes warehouse safety and prevents costly damage
2 Rack repair kits are a cheaper option than fully changing out a frame.
3 Rack repair kits are a cheaper option than having to move in rack sprinkler system.
4 Only takes 20-30 minutes to install compared to 4-6 hours to change out an entire frame.

Through the judicious use of one of these engineered solutions, our team can help guide you towards a safer work environment for you and your employees, while also saving you money in the process. Take a look at our Rack Repair Page to learn more!