Intralox ARB palletizing infeed systems provide flexibility and efficiency for customers pallet layer forming of the most varied products. They offer the highest throughput rates in the industry. These robotic palletizing systems precisely arrange packages in a pallet layer configuration ensuring proper formation. They can feed single or dual rows.

The layer forming robots replace the need for human labor. No longer are workers required to stand at the end of a conveyor system manually lifting a setting cartons on a pallet. This increases speed and efficiency while reducing worker fatigue. The technology employed by palletizer machines has the power to overcome obstacles in conveyance normally considered too complex or unachievable.

These new palletizing systems use patented ARB (Activated Roller Belt) equipment that enhances flexibility, increases throughput and reduces footprint to conveyor applications like sorting, merging, switching and palletizing. It is quite simply offers the smartest distance between two points.

The Intralox ARB palletizing sorter system accommodates changing package materials, sizes and layer patterns with simple controls. It handles products gently without use of grippers or bumpers. It has only one drive and few actuators. Offers low speed and high speed options (25-225 packages per minute).