Did you ever think you could move trailers by hand? This cool new product by Verhagen Leiden allows you to do exactly that. The Trailer Mover XXL can move trailers that weigh up to 20 tons and can be used as a substitute for terminal tractors. This trailer dolly gives you the flexibility to move trailers when terminal tractors are not available.

The Trailer Mover XXL can also be operated without a license. It has the latest drive technology utilizing a 4kw electric motor. Standard Continental tires provide great traction in the most extreme conditions. The 36 volt batter allows for a long run time.

The V-move XXL is equipped with emergency stop, horn and anti-tipping device. Optional air compressor can be mounted to release the brakes. The V move is the new brand and name for electric tractors manufactured by Verhagen Leiden (formerly known at Multi-Mover).

If your feet are squirming under your desk because it looks like a toe smasher you can relax. I don’t think momentum is an issue with this trailer mover. From the video the trailer appears to stop instantaneously with no brakes on the trailers own wheels, just the two drive wheels of this machine. If you go to their website you can see that the Trailer Mover XXL can be equipped with an optional air compressor that releases the brakes – which sounds like a very important option to me.