The right warehouse shelving can help you maximize your efficiency by saving you space, time and money.

Save time –When it’s time to move inventory, you need to be able to access particular products quickly, especially if you have time-sensitive inventory. Our warehouse shelving is designed for easy access to the products you need, when you need them. We recommend our open steel shelving when you need to quickly find a particular product or SKU.

Imagine just stacking something such as record boxes on top of one another. You’d never be able to find what you’re looking for, and once you did, it’d be a headache trying to move it all. Our shelving makes it easy for you to see everything at a glance and easily find what you’re looking for.

Save space –You don’t have an inch of space to waste when you’re storing bulky products. Our shelving makes it possible to maximize your floor space by using otherwise-lost vertical space. Consider our low profile boltless shelving for greater clearance between shelves. Should your space needs change, our open steel shelving is easy to rearrange.

Save money – Because our warehouse shelving is durable and designed to hold heavy-duty products, you won’t have to constantly buy new shelving. We think warehouse shelving is an investment, which is why we offer shelving made with high quality materials such as steel, instead of plastic or aluminum.

With easy access to inventory, you’re able to move your products quickly. With the right shelving, you’re also able to prevent breakage and damage to your products.

We offer a number of options, so you’re sure to find the type of shelving you need.

If you have heavy items to store you should consider open steel shelving. Open steel shelving has solid steel shelves that are secured to the post with clips or nuts & bolts. It is ideal for storing heavy items like auto parts or tools.


Do you have breakable items? Consider our closed steel shelving unit to help prevent products from falling off the shelf. It also keeps dust and dirt from getting on your stored products.

Closed Steel Shelving

Say your storing large light weight bulk items and you want to save money? You should consider boltless shelving. It is constructed of durable steel angle with rivet connections for easy assembly. It utilizes particle board or wire mesh decking. It is simply the most affordable shelving available.


If you need shelving that is tall (say over 7′) and covers greater lengths you should consider wide span shelving. Wide span (or bulk rack) offers shelf widths of 4′-8′ in length. It is constructed with upright frames and beams. Decking options include particle board or wire mesh decking.

Or perhaps you need to store a large amount of records. Our boltless record shelving is the only one for the job because it provides high-density, high-efficiency storage — at a low cost.


You have storage problems. We have storage solutions. We have a huge selection of industrial shelving for all of your storage needs. Give us a call at 800-763-9020 or get an industrial shelving quote today. We look forward to helping you maximize your storage efficiency.