When you’re storing steel, you need to be sure you have a strong, secure system. Through our years of experience supplying racks to steel service centers, we have found the best steel storage racks. We only carry high-quality systems, so you can rest assured your system will last a long time. We have a huge variety of products for all of your steel storage needs.

Selective pallet rack – The selective pallet rack is the most popular (and low-cost!) pallet rack we offer. The design allows easy access from all four sides. The selective pallet rack system is ideal for storing a variety of inventory, but it does especially well with steel storage. The selective pallet rack is strong, durable and makes it easy to access your inventory quickly. You can use as many or as few units as you would like.

Combine multiple units for a large storage system, or use a stand-alone unit to store odds and ends.

Coil racks – Storing steel coil can be extremely inefficient if done incorrectly. Coil is heavy, unwieldy and takes up a lot of space. Our steel coil rack is designed for maximum storage efficiency. This rack system uses vertical space to clear up your warehouse floor. Not only is it more efficient to store up instead of out, it’s much safer for your personnel.

Dramatically increase the amount you’re able to store with coil racks.

Cantilever racks – Cantilever racks are designed for maximum storage and safety. Store inventory of non-uniform size without worrying about uneven distribution of weight causing stress on your rack. The cantilever rack system makes the most of otherwise wasted vertical space. The arms of this steel storage rack are great for storing varying sizes of steel sheets or steel tubing. Because your inventory is completely visible, you’re able to quickly find what you need.

Cantilever racks allow you to store steel materials of different sizes all in one place.

Roll Out Cantilever Racks – Roll out cantilever racks have all the great features of the cantilever racks, plus a roll out feature. This is an ideal system for anyone who wants to store a variety of sizes of material without purchasing multiple systems. The roll-out feature makes it easy to quickly get what you need. Increase your organization and efficiency with a roll out cantilever rack!

Store non-uniform materials without having to buy multiple systems!

Stack racks – Stack racks can transform bulk stacking. If done incorrectly, bulk stacking can damage or even ruin your inventory. It can also be extremely dangerous for your personnel. Our stack racks are made to be stacked up to five racks high. You can trust your inventory and personnel will be kept safe with our secure stack racks.

These racks can also be used for shipping. Save time by using stack racks to ship instead of unloading the rack and then loading it into a disposable shipping unit. By using stack racks, you also save money on disposable shipping materials.

Maximize your storage density by storing up with stack racks.

Pipe rack – Pipe racks are a great choice for their flexibility and versatility. These racks are designed for storing large, unwieldy steel piping. You can stack pipe racks up to five racks high. Imagine the floor space you could save by stacking up! These racks are collapsible, so you can easily break them down when they aren’t in use.

You can also use these racks for shipping. You won’t have to worry about damaged inventory because you know your piping will be secure with this system. Save space, time and money with these reusable racks.

Pipe racks are an efficient way to store steel piping and tubing.

Bar racks – We carry a variety of bars racks to help you store those long pieces of steel. These racks help to free up floor space. Using this type of storage system also prevents accidents by making sure the pieces of steel are secured. We have vertical and horizontal storage systems. Both systems have advantages, but both work to prevent any bending or bowing of the materials. We can work with you to determine which system would be best for your storage needs.

Bar racks help you get materials off the floor, which saves you valuable floor space.

Sheet racks – Sheet racks are especially popular with steel manufacturers and distributors. Sheet racks make it easy to quickly identify and retrieve the materials you need. These racks clear up your floor space by using stacking within the system. We carry vertical and horizontal systems. We also have a sheet rack for materials of variable lengths and widths.

Roll Out Sheet Metal Rack – Our roll out sheet metal rack takes the traditional sheet rack to the next level. The drawers roll out, which makes it easy to access what you need quickly. This system is designed to hold up to 5,000 pounds, so you can trust it with your steel storage needs. We highly recommend this racking system because it increases safety, efficiency and organization.

The retractable drawers make it easy to stay organized!

Heavy Duty Wire Containers – Wire baskets have a lot of uses, but they are especially popular for storing steel parts for the automotive industry. These heavy-duty baskets are designed to take a beating. Not only are these great for storing pieces, they are great for transporting them, too. Because the baskets are so heavy duty, you won’t have to worry about damaged inventory. Wire baskets are a great investment for steel storage because they are extremely durable and last a long time.

These heavy-duty wire bins are known for their durability. They protect your stampings, castings and component parts while in storage and transit.

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