Please don’t think that since our standard/ featured wire container is not exactly what you want that we can’t provide a solution. I assure you, custom sizes and designs are our specialty! Whether it’s collapsible wire containers, heavy duty GM-5131 bins or a different container design/style, any differences, we can handle it. We’re able to design, quote, prototype, mass manufacture and deliver custom industrial shelving on-time for you.

Based on the size of parts you are storing and the dunnage that’s going into bins it may require that we alter dimensions or style of bins to best meet your needs. That starts with determining the size and weight of parts you are storing. We do a lot of custom Racks and Containers with Dunnage – IE: Cell Divider Dunnage, Parts Nesting Dunnage (UHMW, HDPE, FOAM, other Plastics, Wood, etc.).

We specialize in custom sizes and we want to design a rack or container that is designed around your exact requirements. We provide steel and wire bins /containers/racks of many different styles, designs, dimensions, size of materials (Gauges) for whatever your needs may be. We offer options and accessories that will make the rack and container more user friendly and efficient.

You may have existing racks and containers or you may be in the conceptual phase and considering a number of other containers for the same job. We would like to work with you. If your company policy requires you get a few quotes together in order to insure you are receiving a competitive price LET US GIVE YOU a prompt low cost quotation.

Our engineers will help ensure feasibility of the part packing into the bin and also make sure that you are maximizing the pack density with whatever bin you decide to use (Whether it’s a small or large part that would go into the bin). Through development, quotation, manufacturing and shipping – we have you covered.