Slit Coil Rack

Reclaim valuable floor space, utilize vertical space by placing your many slit coils in our slit coil storage racks. We design slit coil racks in many different lengths, widths and heights. We  design our coil racks around the size and weight of your slit coils. Whether it’s a full size master coil or a slit coil. Whether stored eye to the aisle or eye to the sky we have a storage rack solution. Let our coil rack experts size up your job in a brief telephone conversation and they will provide you with a detailed quotation.  Call our friendly sales representatives at 800-763-9020 to discuss your coil rack requirements. Please email your specifications to

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

Our narrow slit coil racks for sale are for storing slit coils stored on wood pallets configured eye to the sky. You can safely store large master coils eye to the aisle in coil storage rack but slit coils is a different story. Slit coils cannot be safely stored in coil rack configured eye to aisle. Slit coils can only be stored upright if they are stored at ground level.

Slit coils are typically tall and narrow which if standing upright could fall. That is why we recommend you store ALL slit coils on wood pallets and store them 3-4-5 high in a heavy duty selective pallet rack system that is custom designed to properly support your palletized load. Since coils are so heavy they must be supported by the front and back beam of your shelf with our system of slit coil racks for sale. If smaller slit coils are stored between the beam levels this is considered a point load and is susceptible to failure.

Our slit coil racks for sale are designed around the size of the coil. At the very least, slit coil rack fronts and back beams should be flush with pallet or better yet, have an acceptable overhang. This insures that both front and back beam are supporting the load. Slit coil steel is heavy and therefore you want to adjust beam length and number of beam levels to only allow for certain number of coils to be stored on each shelf.

We commonly use 4″ wide x 3″ deep x 11 GA heavy duty roll formed teardrop uprights or 3″ or 4″ wide structural steel upright frames to make our slit coil racks for sale. Both slit coil racks for sale can be designed to safely support your slit coils. I would say that structural rack is more expensive, has more steel and offers greater durability. We can offer teardrop beams, roll formed beams with structural nut & bolt end pieces or structural c-channel beams with bolted connections.

Slit coil rack is any rack that stores coils eye to the sky. Reclaim valuable floor space by placing your many coils in slit coil racks. Our slit coil racks for sale can be engineered to have capacity to store full size coils that weigh up to 10,000 LBS each.