Bag Racks with Vinyl Dividers for Injection Molded Parts

40″ wide O.D. x 48″ deep O.D. x 48″ overall height Automotive Bag Rack. New. Stackable. Includes Fork Runners. Four way entry. Bag openings are 6 wide x 2 high = 12 openings on the 48″ side. Pouch size: 8″ wide x 20″ high. Blue powder coat finish (Other colors available). Blue powder coat finish (Other colors available). Quote is for a full rack including posts and bag for part seperation. **NOTES: Racks ship assembled with bags. Bags can withstand 150 degree heat and racks are stackable 4 high. Price includes powder coating. The bottom of bag is paint friendly white vinyl and side of bag is gray vinyl. White vinyl is only on bottom of bags. Since we don’t know what the part is we are assuming the part slides in and out of our bag easily. Please send us a sample of the part that you will store in the bag and we will design the rack around the part. We specialize in custom sizes. Part Number: WRS-404848-ABR

NOTE: All Bag Racks Are Custom Manufactured – Minimum Order Quantity Applies.

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

Automotive shipping racks have pouches that store and protect valuable auto part assemblies from being damaged in shipping and storage!

Tier 2 & Tier 1 Automotive suppliers rely on warehouse bag racks to safely transport and store light weight plastic automotive parts and components without parts getting scratched. Bag racks are ideal for storing door panels, dash boards, etc.

Bag racks often begin their cycle at the production line where the parts are formed. The component parts are individually loaded into bag rack. It’s moved by fork lift to be stacked and stored until shipment. Automotive shipping racks make ideal door panel rack, dashboard rack and shipping rack.

We offers design and manufacturing of custom automotive shipping racks and bag racks for safely storing automotive component parts while shipping. Bag Racks help you maximize parts per trailer and can help reduce shipping rates.

You can count on the warehouse bag rack to get your most delicate parts safely from point A-Z!

Automotive Bag Rack Features and Benefits:
• Bag Racks prevent automotive component parts from touching while being parts are loaded, transported, stacked, stored and shipped.
• They offer high density, high efficiency, safe storage of automotive parts.
• Automotive Bag Racks have pouches that store and protect valuable auto part assemblies from being damaged in shipping and storage.
• The portable stack rack is made of steel – the bags are vinyl with a clear plastic curtain
Bag rack has four non-removable corners posts and horizontal interior steel side bars that support vertical bags.
• Vinyl curtains hang inside and create individual pouches.
• You store one component part per opening assuring no two parts ever touch.
• Warehouse Bag racks are returnable, reusable, recyclable, stackable and shippable.
• Warehouse Bag racks are durable and made to last may cycles.