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Millwork Rack with M-Dividers

36″ D. x 36″ H. M-Divider. New. Constructed of 1″ Thick Tubing. Color: Orange. Includes hardware. Weight: 6.8 LBS. Part Number: 1000302494-116

36″ D. x 72″ H. M-Divider. New. Constructed of 1″ Thick Tubing. Color: Orange. Includes hardware. Weight: 10 LBS. Part Number: 1000302389-116

NOTES: MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY: 20 PCS. Bolt to Back Beams (Back beams not included). Est. Lead Time: 8-9 weeks. FOB: TN 37172.

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

Millwork Storage Racks are what you will see if you walk through the millwork aisle at your local Lowes or Home Depot. It is also commonly used in professional millwork shops, hardware & lumber stores, building supply centers, woodworking companies, cabinet manufacturers, window & door manufacturers and let’s not forget the carpenters workshop.

Millwork Storage Racks are constructed with a combination of teardrop pallet rack with M-Dividers that allows you to organize and store wood mouldings, trim and lumber in a variety of different lengths, widths and styles. It also utilized solid steel decking and wire mesh decking.

The M-Dividers help separate and support the long lengths of millwork materials stored on the shelf. M-Dividers attach to two or three integral step beams that are mounted in the back of the rack. The m-dividers give you unobstructed access and flexibility to store millwork materials in a variety of different lengths and sizes. The m-dividers allow you to stand millwork upright allowing you to better organize the millwork and also helps protect the millwork from getting damaged.

Bottom beam levels can be added to your millwork rack for storing and displaying sheets of hardwood, plywood, wall board, paneling or even displaying millwork accessories like finishing nails, screws, caulk, cordless drills, hammers, saws and paint. Bottom beam levels are often decked with wire mesh decking which gives you strength and support. Top beam levels with wire decking can be used for storing palletized product.

Millwork Racks is a pallet rack combined with M-Dividers and Wire Decking that together help you organize, store and display the following millwork materials:
Tongue & Groove
Barn Wood
Hardwood Boards
Raw Moulding
Finished Moulding
Decorative Moulding
Primed Moulding
Pre-finished Moulding
Floor Moulding
Door & Window Molding
Ceiling Molding
Crown Molding
Wall & Trim Molding
Unfinished Stain Grade Molding
Common Boards
Hardwood Boards
Oak Boards
Poplar Boards
Cedar Boards
Pine Boards
Pattern Stock
Trim Boards
Tile Board
Wall Panels