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Retail Pallet Rack M-Dividers

36″ D. x 36″ H. M-Divider. New. Constructed of 1″ Thick Tubing. Color: Orange. Includes hardware. Weight: 6.8 LBS. Part Number: 1000302494-116

36″ D. x 72″ H. M-Divider. New. Constructed of 1″ Thick Tubing. Color: Orange. Includes hardware. Weight: 10 LBS. Part Number: 1000302389-116

NOTES: MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY: 20 PCS. Bolt to Back Beams (Back beams not included). Est. Lead Time: 8-9 weeks. FOB: TN 37172.

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

M-Dividers are a popular Retail Pallet Rack Accessory. You may have seen them in the millwork department of your local big box Retail Home Improvement Center. Warehouse rack dividers attach to the back beams of standard pallet rack and help sub divide the shelf and support wood, molding and bulky items stored in the vertical position.

Pallet rack m dividers are constructed of tubular steel and have brackets that simply hang from back pallet rack step beams. They are strong enough to support the weight of long material stored in vertical position. They are used to store windows, doors, door and window casing, baseboards, crown molding, chair rail, wainscoting, wall frame molding and window trim.

We are able to provide M-Dividers and V-Dividers. Adjustable M-dividers help you organize your molding and millwork by creating storage spaces within your pallet rack system. They help keep SKU’s organized.  They increase storage density and handling efficiency while safely supporting vertical stored material in your racks.  Call us for all of your retail rack accessories.