Very Narrow Aisle Racking System (VNA) Increases Density / Require Swing Mast Lifts

Any selective pallet rack can be used to create a very narrow aisle rack system- it just has to be spaced approximately 60″ apart! 

A VNA rack system has certain characteristics – it’s usually very tall, with many beam (shelf) levels and a shelf level inches off the floor with 4″ x 3″ x 3/8″ steel angle guide rail or bumper rail running down the length of the aisles so that the order pickers don’t hit the rack.

The order pickers are usually wire guided and the operator or picker is able to operate the forklift while in the upright position.

This rack system is inexpensive and it certainly increases storage density but is offset by the expense of the wire guided order pickers. If you’re considering other racking options, check out our Used Pallet Rack Shelving.

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

If you want to increase storage density than go with a very narrow aisle racking system!

Advances in fork lift trucks that can operate in aisles less than five feet wide have made possible the utilization of very narrow aisle (VNA) storage racks. VNA racking systems provide a significant reduction in floor space devoted to aisles. They are often used at heights of 40-50 feet.

Pallets in VNA systems are 100% selective and can be accessed with turret or side loader lift trucks or be designed with top and bottom monorails. Very narrow aisle racking systems have forklifts that operate on a wire guided system. Therefore the driver can be in the order picker picking products while traveling down the aisle.

Very narrow aisle racking systems often use guide rails to create a bumper rails for the forklift to travel down. VNA rack is the ultimate in storage density but requires expensive lift equipment that can operate in such a narrow aisle. VNA racking systems are often used in picking operations that require tremendous storage density and picking efficiency.

With the expensive cost of the lifting equipment associated with this system it must be used in warehouses that are located on expensive ground. The cost per square foot must he high enough to justify the cost of the very narrow aisle racking system.

The very narrow aisle racking system requires special lifting equipment that can operate in narrow 60″ aisles!