Propane Tank Storage Cabinet with Roll Out Shelves

Propane Tank Storage Cabinet with Glide Out Shelves

5′ H. x 36″ D. x 45″ W. Propane Tank Storage Cabinet with Glide Out Shelves. New.  – Propane Tank Storage – 3 Shelf – 1000# per shelf, 100% Drawer Extension, Vented Enclosures and Locking Doors and Standard Autolocks. Part Number: 5MD-3645-100-3S

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

Our Propane Storage Tank Cabinet has many standard features with an optional Lift Assist Arm, and/or a Portable Cart with Lift Arm for transporting heavy propane tanks with ease throughout your facility. This system reduces injuries caused by retrieving tanks manually, makes it easier to change out your propane tanks on the warehouse floor, and keeps your storage tanks in a secure location. Cabinet sizes are customizable to hold enough tanks to fit any size fleet of forklifts.

We offer a wide range of propane tank storage solutions from plain propane tank storage cabinets, portable stackabe propane tank racks, propanne tank storage cabinets with roll out shelves, propane tank storage cabinets with lift assist jib crane and hoist as well as propane tank carts. Warehouse Rack & Shelf helps you minimize the lifting hazard of  propane tanks in your workplace.