Propane Tank Storage Cabinet with Jib Crane Trolley and Hoist

Propane Tank Storage Cabinet with Glide Out Shelves, Lift Assist Crane & Hoist

5′ H. x 36″ D. x 45″ W. Propane Tank Storage Cabinet. New. – Propane Tank Storage – 3 Shelf – 1000# per shelf, , 100% Drawer Extension, Vented Enclosures and Locking Doors and Standard Autolocks. Part Number: 5MD-3645-100-3S

OPTION: Propane Storage Arm – Lift Assist Crane & Hoist. – Trolley Hoist Stand and Lifting Hooks with Structural Post and Pivoting I-Beam Arm, 100# Lifting Capacity. Part Number: PTSC-LIFT-ASSIST