Rack Repair Kit Basic Column RepairThe number one job in pallet rack safety is identifying and fixing pallet rack damage. Damaged pallet rack could lead to a dangerous pallet rack collapse!

Many warehouse owners and managers aren’t aware of the rules and regulations which are set by the OSHA relating to Person Responsible for Storage Equipment Safety (PRSES). It is often after insurance audits that owners of pallet racking discover they are not meeting their compliance with standards and provisions of use of work equipment regulations.

Insurance requirements often suggest frequent checks of storage racks as well as independent racking inspection on an annual basis. It is often a requirement that every site with static storage equipment should have a designated person responsible for ensuring it is fit for purpose.

It is often the responsibility of the Maintenance Manager to identify, repair or replace damaged uprights. Where is the MM to go once he’s identified damage? The answer is Warehouse Rack & Shelf. We can offer you replacement uprights that will interchange with your existing rack. Don’t trust that job to just anyone. There are many different brands and styles of pallet rack and they don’t all interchange.

Rack Repair Kit Frame Repair KitOften times it’s cheaper and more efficient to just fix damaged uprights in-house with our rack repair kits. If you have over 25 damaged uprights we could justify sending a crew to repair your rack. If you have just one or two damaged uprights we can just send you a rack repair kit and you can do it yourself.

Rack repair kits often require that you unload your rack and disassemble the adjoining rows in order to cut damaged column and add rack repair kit. If you have many damaged uprights we can send our crew that has special lift that allows us to replace damaged components without having to even unload the rack – saving time and money.

With proper rack reinforcement and protection you can avoid rack damage all together. Replacing damaged material can be very expensive and a wise Maintenance Manager knows that it is best to protect rack on the front end to avoid hassles and expense of repairing or replacing it on the back end.

Pallet rack is often damaged by forklifts. The most vulnerable part of the rack system is the bottom 1′ of front upright column! This is the area that we would recommend you add a post protector or use a rack repair kit. If all else fails we can just send you a new replacement upright.