Create awareness at dock doors, office doors, hall doors, overhead doors, aisle-ways and intersections with a safety monitor system!

Dock door monitor helps reduce collisions and accidents at your dock. If safety is a priority with your company (and I’m sure it is) than it makes sense to invest in this new technology that warns people when the truck is backing out of the trailer.

As the fork truck backs out, the bright flashing strobe warns co-workers. Exterior sensors monitors activity in trailer. Mounted arm with a swivel feature. Installs right onto existing door track. The dock door monitor plugs directly to a 110 Vac. electrical outlet.

Dock area, blind corners and aisle-way safety is greatly improved with new state of the art sensors that monitor the dock area and notifies people when a forklift is within close proximity.

Imagine being able to notify individuals in advance that lift truck is about to back up, round a corner or enter a work area. Warehouse safety monitors reduce or eliminate the amount of accidents over the course of a year.

Safety is job #1. Dock Door and corner monitors help you watch and protect personnel for forklift traffic!

Dock Door Monitors