Wine Bottle Flow Rack PictureWith the absolute EXPLOSION of popularity in craft beers, spirits and wines comes a pressing need for distilleries, micro breweries and wineries to more densely store and efficiently handle their merchandise. With this in mind Warehouse Rack & Shelf now offers the widest variety of bottle, keg and barrel racks on the industry. We have everything from rigid, stationary drum racks to portable, stackable wine barrel racks.

Interest (and sales) has been building in our line of bottle, keg and barrel storage rack systems. The majority of these products are pallet rack accessories. That means we can provide (or you can use your existing) pallet rack and accessorize it with wine bottle, barrel or keg flow systems. Our rack systems can increase storage density in your warehouse. Portable stacking racks are flexible and can be disassembled and stored in a small place when not in use. We provide a low cost, single source solution that can ship in a short time. Keg Flow Racks Picture

Our latest offering is wine bottle flow rack and keg flow racks that easily integrate (just drop in, no tools required) into pallet rack with standard 1-5/8″ step beams. These flow racks increase storage density by allowing you to store bottles or kegs on multiple shelves of a pallet rack system. Bottle and keg flow racks increase handling efficiency which helps you bottom line by moving more product out the door in a shorter period of time.

Keg & wine bottle flow racks are called “Flow Racks” because they flow kegs or bottles of wine to the front of the shelf for easier and more efficient picking. It increases safety through improved ergonomics! Every bottle and keg is always positioned at the front of the shelf for picking. No more having to bend and reach to get kegs and bottles off of the back of the shelf.

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Distillery, Micro-Brewery & Winery Storage Racks Include:
• Drum cradle bars that converts standard pallet rack to drum rack
• Keg flow rack fits into standard pallet rack
• Wine bottle flow rack fits into standard pallet rack
• Wine barrel racks are portable, stackable barrel racks

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