A customer recently asked: “We will be storing 40 X 48 pallets in the racking. Do we need mesh decking or not? I’m thinking not. Your thoughts?”

My response was: I think the first question is: what is your towns ordinances – do they require it? Some areas require wire decking for accidental fall thru of product.

Secondly, wire mesh decks will help support the load during a misplacement of product due to driver error until it can be placed properly during the loading process. Basically it is a safety issue

That being said, if you are storing full pallet loads of product that are stretch wrapped and secure from product falling off, you can get by with pallet supports which are a less expensive option than wire decking. Pallet supports help support pallets loads stored in rack.

I will be happy to quote both options for you and I will quote them separately from the rack. Please let me know if you have any more questions. I hope to have the quote e-mailed to you in the coming days.



Customers response: Thanks Brad – Please quote the wire decking as an option. I’m 95% sure I WILL go with the wire decking for safety.

Thanks – Kenny