It’s difficult to store long and unshapely inventory. You lose out on storage efficiency and valuable floor space. The size and the shape of the inventory can make it difficult to move. Plus, the large inventory can be a workplace hazard if it’s not stored correctly.

We highly recommend cantilever racks if you have large, bulky inventory. They are most commonly used for storing lumber, plywood, siding, extrusions, piping and tubing. Cantilever racks are great storage options for many reasons.

Easy access – The high capacity cantilever rack is easy to access because of its design. The open sides allow you to quickly access your inventory without obstruction. We understand that time is money when it comes to moving your inventory quickly.

Despite the open design, your inventory will be secure in high capacity cantilever racks. We use high-quality, durable materials to keep your inventory safe. The system is made up of a vertical tower with a stackable base, arms and horizontal and vertical bracing. The components all work together to keep your inventory in place.

Store a variety of inventory – A cantilever rack system allows you to store long inventory of varying sizes. You don’t have to get multiple systems, which will help save on expenses. You can store long items without losing valuable space.

We carry a variety of cantilever racks. A double-sided rack is a great option for many warehouses. We also have a single-side rack that is perfect for using against walls. You can choose from light duty, intermediate duty, heavy duty and extra heavy duty for all your storage needs.

Save floor space – The cantilever rack system keeps your floors clear. The stacking component maximizes your storage efficiency and density by stacking up and taking advantage of otherwise unused vertical space. Stack up – store more!

Because the sides are open, you can use the full length of the rack from side to side. Depending your space, your extra-long inventory may even extend beyond the arms.

We can design a custom cantilever rack so you can get that large and heavy inventory off your floor. We’d be happy to discuss your options. Let’s work together to increase your storage density and efficiency. Give us a call at 800-763-9020 or send us an email at Get a quote today!