If I offered you an environmentally friendly power source for your forklift that increases efficiency and reduces cost how could you say no? I would like to tell you about the hottest new retrofit in warehousing –  Hydrogen fuel cell powered forklifts. But it’s not for everyone.

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With a hydrogen forklift, you can make your forklifts work even harder for you, all while saving money! You won’t have any added stress on your employees either. Converting to Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Forklifts is Inexpensive and Invaluable!

Walmart has gone all in on this technology converting nearly all of the forklifts in their fleet to hydrogen forklifts. Believe it or not – it has been a relatively easy conversion. Amazon replaced the forklift batteries at 11 warehouses with an alternate hydrogen power source.

Forklifts are essential to your operation. You already know how valuable they are and how frequently you use them. What if you could find a way to make them even more efficient and cost-effective?

Hydrogen fuel cell powered forklifts can help boost your productivity and improve your operation. Battery powered forklifts will eventually become a thing of the past. This new technology uses hydrogen to power your forklift and eliminates the need for batteries (and in turn eliminates the expense of batteries!)

As the technology evolves hydrogen will become the future power source of all forklifts – in all warehouses. You might as well get in on the front end of this new trend. GenDrive hydrogen fuel cells fit easily into existing electric forklifts, pallet trucks. Hydrogen refueling takes 2 minutes as opposed to 15 minutes per shift.

Hydrogen forklifts eliminate the need for batteries because they run on clean energy. The only thing that you leave behind is water, which makes this an environmentally-friendly addition to your operation. Now you can save on the expense of buying batteries and the hassle of disposing of them!

It sounds great, but you’re probably thinking its way out of your price range and unnecessary. Believe it or not, using hydrogen to power your forklifts is actually inexpensive. And one of the best things about it is that you can use your existing trucks. That’s right, you don’t have to buy all new equipment!

Trying to green your operation is not an easy thing to do. Being more sustainable is a challenge many businesses are experiencing. Your customers are likely worried about their practices, too. This is the equipment of the future. Your customers will be happy to learn that you use equipment that is environmentally friendly and helps to keep costs down.

We are committed to providing you with the highest quality supplies for your operation. We’re constantly looking for the very best for you and are very excited to be offering this new technology. We use our past experiences to help you build your best future.

Hydrogen fuel cell powered forklifts increase handling efficiency and help speed up deliveries. Clean running hydrogen fuel cell batteries are a clean power source that leaves behind only drops of clean water. Visit PlugPower.com for more info. We can also recommend a great contractor to build the required charging station for your hydrogen forklift.