If you’re working with controlled substances or sensitive materials, you need to be using DEA Cages to protect yourself, your customers and your bottom line!

You don’t want to be found in violation of DEA requirements. Aside from damaging your reputation, it could also be very costly in terms of fines and the cost of replacing existing warehouse storage cages. These cages provide all the same benefits as wire partitions, including increased security and organization, but are manufactured to meet DEA requirements.

DEA Approved Cages provide maximum security. They are designed to be flush to the ceiling and floor and are made of iron and steel, so you eliminate any possibility of tampering. Warehouse storage cages have a self-closing door, and you can choose from several types of locks.

You’re able to choose from a variety of locks to find the right option for your operation.

Proper security is essential for a number of reasons, but the most important is safety. Some substances can be deadly if they fall into the wrong hands. You also want to eliminate the risk of anyone contaminating your substances, which could have fatal consequences. Cages keep your materials in and unwanted parties out.

You also need to protect your materials to protect your bottom line. This is especially important if you manufacture or distribute substances. If you’re substances are stolen, you can’t fill prescriptions or orders. In addition to lost sales, you also lose your reputation.

The cost of these cages is nothing compared to fines and lost sales. They are most certainly an investment in your future! They can often be used in conjunction with your existing storage system, including pallet racks or metal shelving.

As you can see here, this cage was configured to work with a pallet racking system. You don’t have to completely change your space to incorporate the cages. We provide DEA cage installation services all across the country.

DEA Approved Cages have many applications. No matter how you choose to use them, you can always trust that they’ll stand up to the job. DEA approved cages can in some cases help you reduce your insurance rates and save money.

We have worked with many organizations through the years who trust us to provide them with DEA Approved Cages to help keep their substances secure. You take your job seriously and so do we. Find out more about our DEA Approved Cages on our website or give us a call at 800-763-9020. Get a quote here.