Vertical Pipe Rack Picture
A-Frame Vertical Horizontal Pipe Storage RackDouble Sided A-Frame Vertical Horizontal Pipe Rack

Heavy Duty Double Sided A-Frame Vertical & Horizontal Pipe Storage Rack

96″ h. x 48″ d. x 96″ w. Double Sided Vertical Pipe Rack. New. All welded A-Frame Construction. Solid Steel Top. Each side has 16 arms spaced 6″ apart for a total of 15 slots per side. Includes interior pigeon-hole dividers on short sides that are configured 4 wide x 8 high = 24 cubbies for horizontal bar storage. Part Number: 084896VPR

NOTES: Est. Lead Time: 6-8 weeks. FOB: Missouri

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

Once again we are offering our customers a unique A-Frame storage rack that nobody else is offering. What makes it unique you may ask? Well, it combines a heavy duty A-Frame double-sided construction of the efficient storage of long heavy steel pipes, rods, angle, and metal tubing. This A-frame storage rack offers you dense, efficient storage of long items that are generally difficult to store.

This vertical pipe storage rack also has a special pigeonhole rack design on its short sides for more storage. It even can come with a solid steel decking on top for even more storage. Not only will this A-frame steel storage rack help you organize and densely store your steel pipes, but it also helps prevent damage from bulk storing on the floor.

Notice the smile on the face of this satisfied customer. That only comes from the pride and satisfaction of a job well done. Many warehouse managers have the responsibility of clearing up floor space and utilizing vertical space in their facilities to the best of their ability. This double-sided A-frame rack is sure to help you increase storage density and handling efficiency in your warehouse.