Pallet Rack Sump

51-1/2″ x 51-1/2″ x 12″ Pallet Rack Sump with drain. 66 Gallon uniform containment capacity. Weight: 38 LBS. Part Number: PRS-51-D

NOTES: Doesn’t Include Wood Pallet Shown in Picture. Est. Lead time: 1-2 weeks. Ships best way pre-paid & add to invoice or customer to provide carrier for transit. (Shipping Wt. 50 LBS)(Freight estimate assumes Dock-to-Dock transit). Freight Class 250. FOB: IN 46703


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If you handle and store leaky drums in pallet rack than you need a pallet rack sump!

Polyethylene Pallet Rack sump is designed to catch leakage from drums. They prevent spills that can cause accidents and damage to products stored in racks. The yellow spill pallet sump easily sets down onto the orange beams of a selective pallet rack system. It remains fixed to the beams and is big enough to support a full size pallet. The forklift driver loads and unloads pallets onto the containment sump.

This low profile drum spill containment pallet has a unique molded polyethylene shape that is designed to fit on pallet rack. The bottom of the spill pallet sets down between the beams and creates a containment area that captures leaked fluids for reuse.

Drum spill containment pallet sumps are an accessory to pallet rack. They typically are stored 2-3 wide on a beam level and can be up to 4-5 high. This allows for safe storage of up to 60 drums per section. Pallet rack sumps are a trifecta product because they offer you 3 advantages: storage density, handling efficiency and most importantly safety.

Pallet rack sumps allows for direct forklift access, easy loading and unloading of wood pallets!

Pallet Rack Sump Features:

  • Low profile design to fit orange horizontal load beam so pallet rack
  • Holds (4) – 55-gallon drums on a standard 40” wide x 48” deep wood pallet
  • Inside dimensions: 49″ x 49″
  • Drain liquids using the drain/ball valve assembly that comes standard
Pallet Rack Sump
Model Description Overall Size Uniform Containment Capacity Net weight
PRS-51-D With Drain 51-1/2″ x 51-1/2″ x 12″ 66 Gal. 38
PRS-51-ND No Drain 51-1/2″ x 51-1/2″ x 12″ 66 Gal. 38

Additional Information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 52 × 52 × 48 in