Maybe I should tone it down a bit. Something like “Repair Your Damaged Rack or Someone Could Die” – still too gloomy. A positive spin would be “Pallet Rack Repair Kits Save Lives”. I don’t mean to scare you but safety is serious business. I encourage you to do a thorough inspection of your pallet rack system, identify damaged uprights and beams, unload those damaged uprights and beams immediately, buy replacement uprights and beams, disassemble and replace damage uprights and beams (or at the very least buy rack repair kits) or you could be faced with a rack collapse.

I started my career working in warehouses. As a warehouse worker you have a trust that the rack supporting the pallets above your head is strong enough and in good enough condition that it will do it’s job and support heavy pallet loads. But if just one upright is damaged it can cause a chain reaction that will bring down rows of pallet rack. Just one weak link in the chain can cause a catastrophic rack failure.

Pallet racks are essential to many warehouse operations. They are an excellent way to maximize storage efficiency and keep personnel, inventory and machinery safe. However, heavy machinery can damage your pallet rack uprights. If you have an unsteady upright, the rack could collapse and cause serious harm. You know you need to act quickly, but what should you do?

Replacing the damaged upright frame the old way could take between four and six hours and cost up to $1,000.00, including material, freight and labor costs. Unloading the rack, dismantling it, replacing the upright and reloading the rack could seriously disrupt your operation.

A pallet rack repair kit is the perfect solution to a damaged upright. With a kit, you’re able to repair a fully loaded (*with the use of our patented rack repair lift /used on jobs with 25 or more damaged uprights) rack in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the price! Instead of taking apart the whole rack and replacing the upright, you will use the repair kit to reinforce the damaged area using high quality materials.

In this photo, you can see a damaged upright. Replacing this piece would be extremely time consuming and costly given its position.

Here, you can see a damaged upright that has been reinforced with a pallet rack repair kit. Not only is this section repaired, it’s stronger than before.

A repair kit isn’t a temporary solution – using a repair kit can actually make your racks stronger than they were before. Our supplier uses 10-11 GA column steel in the repair kits, which is stronger than the original column thickness of your pallet rack. Because of the high quality materials used, your rack will be more durable and safe in the long run. The stronger material will also make your uprights more resistant to damage in the future.

Depending on how many damaged uprights you have, we can provide installation services. First, we’ll want to do an on-site inspection so we know how to best work with the damage. The total cost will depend on your location and how large the job is. Our goal is to get you back up and running as quickly and safely as possible.

We offer the largest selection of pallet rack repair kits. If you can’t find something that meets your specifications, we can supply a custom pallet rack repair kit. We stock the only repair kit that meets RMI standards.

As part of our commitment to your helping you maximize your storage efficiency, safety and bottom line, we offer the largest variety of pallet rack repair kits in the industry. Get a pallet rack repair quote today!