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Folding Wire Basket

WIRE BASKETS Collapsed & Stacked

Folding Wire Basket

We offer you the nation’s largest inventory of the folding wire basket, collapsible wire basket, stackable wire container, folding wire container, collapsible wire container, wire bins & shipping baskets.

Collapsible Wire Baskets are easy to assemble. They arrive on your dock collapsed and stacked 15-20 per bundle. Folding wire basket has a half drop gate for easy access to products. Wire baskets are lightweight and durable with 4000 lbs. capacity stackable 4 high. Folding wire containers are collapsible for freight savings. The folding wire basket offers you high density / high efficiency storage.

We offer you the #1 selling wire containers in the World. The reason it is #1 is because it has the highest quality in the industry. Our factory supports production using the best, most modern equipment available. Wire baskets are manufactured using state of the art equipment and multiple automated welders that help insure high quality welds.    

Warehouse Rack and Shelf ships from the largest inventory in the United States. We can save you money on freight by shipping our stackable wire baskets from strategically located facilities across the United States including: Dallas, TX. Atlanta, GA, Chicago, IL, St. Louis, MO and Los Angeles, CA. We stock stackable wire baskets in 4 standard sizes.