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Distribution Warehouse Shelving


Distribution Warehouse Shelving

Warehouse Rack & Shelf LLC is a preffered storage systems provider for the distribution industry.

Box Shelf Steel Shelving

Steel clip shelving is ideal for distribution. It’s ideal for storing packaged goods and bulky items. With shelf capacities from 300 to 1000 pounds, distribution shelving can accommodate a wide range of products, from basic backroom storage to integrated warehouse applications. Not to mention, its exceptional strength is ideal for storage of heavy parts and machinery.

Open Unit Shelving

Open shelf units allow items to be clearly visible and easily referenced for quick access. They greatly reduce retrieval time by eliminating the need to open and close drawers. Moreover, our distribution shelving takes advantage of vertical space that other filing and storage systems often ignore.

Bin Unit Shelving

Bin units are ideal for distribution shelving applications where separation and organization of parts is necessary. Bin units are ideal for keeping backroom inventory organized, providing twice the capacity of conventional storage to optimize every inch of space.