Modular LED Dock light Pic white background

NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT: We are now offering the new Phoenix LED Dock light that offers the following advantages over standard high pressure sodium lamps & compact fluorescent dock lights:

-LED Dock Lights are far more energy efficient than standard 150W lamps

-LED lamps offer long life and an extremely durable housing

-LED lights offer bright, uniform, instant-on light

-LED Docklights are retrofit to most installed dock arms.

One of the hottest new trends in warehouse lighting is the retrofit of LED Lights into existing sodium, metal halide, halogen & fluorescent lighting fixtures.  LED  lighting, which stands for “Light Emitting Diode”, has become the next “Big Thing”.

Some people think LED lighting it is the future of industrial warehouse lighting. Warehouse Rack & Shelf LLC is offering you tomorrow’s technology today.  The technology is so new that as of this post date we are taking orders on product that will ship for the first time from the factory in October, 2009.

The modular LED dock light head delivers instant-on, bright, and uniform light, easily illuminating the full length of truck trailers. The LED head retrofits easily to installed dock light arms of nearly any brand. Powered by only 16W, the LED docklite® is much more energy efficient than the standard incandescent head using a 150W lamp. With no filament to break, the LED head is also extremely durable and far more likely to survive an accidental impact.

Housing Construction
Cast aluminum
Small size minimizes potential for accidental impact
Housing remains cool to the touch during operation

Light Source
Light emitting diodes (LED) with 50,000 hours average rated life
15° beam angle

Impact resistant clear acrylic (no glass)

Uniformly delivers over six footcandles to the nose of a 53′ trailer
Operates on only 16W, offering an 89% energy savings over an incandescent dock light with 150W lamp
Minimum starting temperature: -30° C
Maximum operating temperature: 40° C

Mounting Bracket
Steel bracket with ½” (1.3 cm) clearance hole

UL Listed
153 — Portable work lights, suitable for wet locations (see specification sheet for details)