Warehouse Rack & Shelf LLC’s Pallet Rack Systems offer a varying degree of storage density and handling efficiency. As you might guess, the more dense and efficient a pallet rack system is, the more costly it becomes.  Experienced warehouse and distribution center managers know you must look past the initial cost and focus on quality, density and efficiency. The payoff is maximizing the storage space you have available in your warehouse and moving more pallets out the door. The following is a list of pallet storage rack systems and types that I provide and their general characteristics. They are listed in order from least expensive to most expensive.

Selective Pallet Rack– The most widely used rack systemSelectiveRack provides 100% access to all pallet locations. Selective rack is very flexible and is offered with a variety of pallet rack accessories. Selective rack consists of upright frames and beams. Selective rack is often configured in singe rows along a wall and back to back rows throughout your warehouse. The typical selective pallet rack layout requires lots of space dedicated to aisles for forklift access. Selective pallet rack is the most affordable pallet rack system available.

Double Deep Pallet Rack– The same as selective pallet rackDouble deep pallet rack but configured in double deep back to back rows accessible with a forklift that has two deep reach forks. This double deep rack system saves floor space with the reduction of aisles. This two deep reach system offers good selectivity but has considerable slow throughput verses single deep selective pallet rack systems. This system is the lowest priced high density rack system available.  This rack system requires special “two-deep reach” forklifts.


Drive-In / Drive-Thru Rack–  Offers high density with lower efficiency because bays consist DriveInRack of multiple pallets deep and high. Drive in rack offers a larger number of pallets per SKU with medium throughput. Drive in rack systems offer you greater space savings because of the reduction of aisles. Drive In rack uses standard sit down forklifts. Drive in rack is configured against a wall. Drive Thru rack is accessible by forklifts from both sides.

Pushback Rack– Utilizes a combination of selective pallet rack retrofit with a cart and rail system. PushBackRack Pallets are set down on low profile carts that push back into the rack system. Pallets are loaded and unloaded from the front of the system offering a greater time savings on every pick. Each pallet on every pick level is accessible from the aisle as pallets roll to the front of the system. Push back rack offers you greater floor space savings with a reduction of aisles. Push back rack offers excellent throughput and utilizes standard lift trucks. Pushback rack is simply the most cost effective rack that offers both high density and high efficiency. This extra cost of this rack system is justified if you move pallets frequently in and out of the rack.

Pallet Flow Rack– Gravity pallet flow rack offers the highest combination of density and efficiency.  PalletFlowRack It is also one of the most expensive rack systems that I sell.  Pallets are often loaded in the back of the rack system and flow to the front of the system for picking. Pallet flow racks offer you the  truest form of FIFO (First in, First out).  Pallet Flow offers high through put.  This rack system offers space savings with the reduction of aisles. It utilizes standard sit down forklifts. This system requires high quality pallets of a standard size.