I went on a sales call this morning with Greg Klinge at Crown Packaging Corporation. He brought me in to size up his customers rack needs and offer storage solutions. I like to partner with packaging companies in the sale of rack and shelving. Packaging salesman tend to have an ear to the ground and their feet on the street. Greg Klinge is one of the best.

While on on our appointment Greg offered a unique solution to one of his customer’s common problems. The beams of his pallet rack were marked with black markers and had torn up labels. His customer expained to us that he spends more time at his warehouse job than he does at home. Therefore he wants his warehouse clean and organized. Greg offered a new product he sells calls Rack Placards and his customer got literally giddy with excitement.

Clean and clearly identifiable racks and shelving in a pick environment are proven to reduce order time and order inaccuracy. The rack placard was designed to identify racks and shelving by providing a clean surface for any label or barcode to be applied and removed effortlessly. Simply roll the placard onto the rack and ID with the same barcode or label you currently use. The Rack Plackard is a much more cost effective and efficient than the alternative plastic sleeves or magnet identification solutions. Rack Placards work great with pallet racks, shelving, flow racks, carton flow racks and pick racks.


On plastic bulk boxes, wire mesh containers and corrugated steel containers they have a product called Board Placards that work great. OEM and Tier 1 providers use these placards on their containers, totes and racks. This is a value added service I would like to introduce to my customers.   Board Placard- Large