You’re probably a fan of American Pickers. If you haven’t noticed, American’s have an obsession with the preservation of their history. Old farts like me collect, save and archive everything from baseball collectibles, beer cans to books.  It makes me wonder if the younger generation, with their reliance on digital storage, will share this passion for antique archaeology. But for now our sales of archive shelving has expanded greatly.

Shelving preferences have always taken a geographical line in America. The west coast loves boltless shelving with particle board or wire decks. The east coast loves metal clip shelving. The Midwest falls somewhere in between. My opinion is to go with what works for you. The boltless shelving option is certainly the least expensive shelving available but for durability and strength you can’t beat metal shelving.

Warehouse Rack and Shelf stocks boltless shelving and metal shelving in MO, IL, KY, TX and CA.

Record Archive Shelving