Column Repair, Frame Repair & Pallet Rack Protection 

Rack Repair Basic Column RepairKeep your warehouse safe with durable rack repair and rack protection products. The factory has had independent engineers test their rack repair kits and they claim that in most cases they are 300% stronger than the original frame. They offer nationwide installation services and continue to stock the world's largest inventory throughout their four locations.

Rack repair companies will only provide installation if the quantity of damaged uprights exceeds 25-50 Pcs. In order to provide install the quantity of units and proximity of repair need to justify the expense of sending a crew. If quantity is too small they can send you rack repair kits with instructions and you can install them yourselves. An advantage to having the factory perform the repair is that they have a special lift that attaches to the upright and holds it in place while the damaged area is cut off and replaced. This saves you from having to unload or disassemble your existing rack. 

Rack Repair Frame Repair KitIn many cases, if the quantity of damaged uprights is too low or the damage is too significant it's better to just replace the entire upright frame. To prevent a catastrophic pallet rack collapse it is important to assess your pallet rack system, identify potential problems and replace or repair all damage. You may need to contact an expert in the field of pallet rack or a structural engineer to visit your facility and perform an audit your rack.

Rack Repair Max Duty Guard ProtectionThe best solution is to protect your uprights with post protectors, V-nose protectors, end-of-aisle protectors, guide rails and guard rails that help prevent damage before it happens. Protect your pallet rack investment with our pallet rack protection products.