I had the pleasure of seeing this automated storage retrieval system displayed at the 2007 ProMat Show in Chicago, IL. The ASRS may be the next generation storage system…available today. As you can imagine this is a costly system but is the optimum system for handling boxes for picking. The automatic pick system is the ultimate in high density, high efficiency storage systems.

The stacker crane deposits the load extracted from the rack. The conveyors then take the box to the operator and once he/she has finished the task at hand, it is returned to the stacker crane, which then places it back into the racking. The whole system is controlled by a management software package, which registers the location of all the materials in the warehouse and keeps an inventory in real time.

The system’s extraordinary capacity to adapt enables it to be integrated into any production or storage process. Warehouse Rack & Shelf LLC supplies one of the  top AS/RS systems at a competitive price. Please contact us at 800-763-9020 to discuss your requirements. (**You may have to hit the “Repeat” button to view this video.)