Washington State Liquor Board Distribution Center Seattle WA Courtesy of Alvey Systems:

The bulk product is stored in a very narrow aisle (VNA) selective rack system and picked by VNA lifting equipment. Pallets move from pallet storage racks to de-palletizers as conveyors take cases to high mover decks, to the carrousels or to the split case flow rack area.  Cases are scanned and a unique bar code decides where to send it to be sorted appropriately. High mover lanes will be replenished with the fastest moving products and sorted into holding lanes and as orders are released they will go off to shipping and be married with the appropriate truck stops.  Another destination for cases is to the carrousels which is the primary storage area for the entire system. Cases are picked from the carrousel and sent to shipping. Lower volume products get put into the carrousels. Shipping sorters sort cases to go to appropriate dock doors. Split case areas package product for stores that need less than a full case. The split cased product gets put in plastic totes that are labeled and inducted into the system. Cases come down from the shipping sorter through the scanner to the shipping dock. Bill of lading is added as it goes from expandable conveyor into the back of truck for loading.