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Republic Keystone Pallet Rack


12′ h. x 42″ d. Republic Keystone style upright.. New. 3″ x 1-5/8″ x 14 Ga. column. 16,700 lbs. capacity at 48″ vertical beam spacing. Color: Gray. Weight: 60 LBS. Part Number: RU18420144

96″ x 4″ Republic Keystone style step beam. New. 5047 lbs. cap./pr. 1-5/8″ step. Color: Gray. Weight: 24.3 LBS. Part Number: RBX43096

120″ x 4.5″ Republic Keystone style step beam. New. 5900 lbs. cap./pr. 1-5/8″ step. Color: Gray. Weight: 35 LBS. Part Number: IBN48120

NOTES: Est. Lead Time: 4-5 weeks. Ships best way pre-paid & add. Freight Class 65/125. FOB: Denver, NC 28037

(*We also offer used republic keystone pallet rack.)

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If copying is a form of flattery than Keystone Pallet Rack has many admirers? It is a classic pallet rack style that has many interchanges and knock offs!

The Keystone pallet rack is a great racking solution because it helps to improve safety and maximize your space. It’s been used for years to help maximize space and efficiency.

Our reliable Keystone pallet racking for sale has the universal Keystone connector on the beam’s end-piece that allows it to be compatible with Republic and other keystone rack styles. Republic rack provides the same capacities as other roll formed selective rack systems but must use beams with the key stone type connector. It’s the right solution for applications where existing rack is of the same type.

Republic Keystone pallet rack has beams with what I would describe as fingers. The fingers fit into the keystone shaped holes on the face or front of the upright. This allows for very easy installation. There is an optional metal lock clip that can be inserted into the side of the beam’s end piece. The lock clip will secure the beam to the upright and prevent accidental dislodgement.

We have sold Republic rack for over 30 years. Both new and used. We can say for 100% certainty that keystone rack is a very good brand of rack. It was originally manufactured by Republic who still makes it. It is so popular that it has been copied by other manufacturers who make an interchange or knock-off. Republic rack will never be as popular as teardrop rack but it has equal quality and can serve the same purpose.

You have so many choices – It’s hard to know which racking system is going to be right for your warehouse. The Republic rack has been used for years. Many warehouse managers continue to go back to this rack because it’s reliable and affordable.

The Republic rack will last you for years to come. We sell lots of used Keystone racks that have really held up even after regular use.

Republic Keystone Pallet Rack Features & Benefits:
• Quality style of pallet rack that has a keystone style hole pattern on face of upright
• Popular style of rack is available both new and used
• Standard color: Battleship Gray