Snap-In Wire Dividers for Wire Decking

34″ d. x 10″ h. Snap-in Vertical Wire Shelf Dividers. New. Gray Powder Coat Finish. Weight: 3 LBS. Part Number: 3410K

42″ d. x 10″ h. Snap-in vertical wire shelf dividers. New. Gray powder coat finish. Weight: 4 LBS. Part Number: 4210K


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Wire shelf dividers are available for wire decking in pallet rack. They are one of the most popular and versatile accessories available!

We supply snap-in wire warehouse shelving dividers for pallet racking systems. Vertical shelf dividers allow you to divide and separate individual SKU’s on a pallet rack beam level. They simply snap onto your existing wire decking and create defined cubicles on your shelf.

Snap-in wire dividers can maximize your organization, and in turn, save you lots of time. The warehouse shelving dividers can help you keep inventory organized into specific sections. You won’t have to spend valuable time sorting through boxes trying to find a particular SKU or order.

Vertical shelf dividers are a great option because they’re such a simple solution but make such a big difference. You don’t have to replace or even unload your racking system. These dividers are lightweight but built to last. The mesh design makes it easy for you to quickly see what you’re storing.

Your racking system already helps to maximize your storage density. Snap-in wire dividers can help to take your storage density and efficiency to a new level. You don’t have to spend a fortune to see big changes in your racking organization!

Snap-In Wire Dividers – Standard/ stock snap-in wire shelf dividers attach to wire decking and extend from front to back of your pallet rack. Vertical shelf dividers are easy to install and are stocked in two popular sizes.

Snap-in vertical shelf dividers are ONLY stocked in two sizes:

  • 36″ Deep X 10″ High Snap-in Divider
  • 42″ Deep X 10″ High Snap-in Divider

In order to insure compatibility with your existing wire deck, please measure the wire mesh pattern of your existing wire deck and tell us if it’s 2″ x 4″, 2.5″ x 4″, 2.5″ x 4.5″ mesh pattern.

Popular question: Do you have snap in dividers that are taller than 10″? The answer is no, not in stock. We could manufacture taller snap in wire dividers but those would have to be ordered in large quantity (over 100 PCS) and take 8-10 weeks. Snap-in vertical shelf dividers are only effective at 10″ height. If they are taller they lose rigidity and sag. If you need a divider that is taller than 10″ than you should consider custom hanging wire dividers.

*PLEASE NOTE: Minimum order quantity of 20 PCS. We cannot supply wire dividers in quantity under 20 PCS.

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34″ d. x 10″ h. Snap-in Vertical Wire Shelf Dividers. New. Gray Powder Coat Finish. PN 3410K, 42″ d. x 10″ h. Snap-in Vertical Wire Shelf Dividers. New. Gray Powder Coat Finish. PN 4210K