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Mattress Stack Racks


83″ x 87″ x 69″ H. (60″ Inside Usable Height) Custom Mattress Stack Rack. New. NO DECKING. New. 2500 lbs. Capacity (UDL). Stackable 4 high. Removable Corner Posts. Color: Orange. **NOTES: INCLUDES FORK GIDES ON 2 SIDES. CUSTOMER TO SUPPLY AND INSTALL OWN PLYWOOD DECKING. DESIGN TO ACCOMODATE AND FIT A STACK OF 76″ x 80″ MATTRESSES. Part Number: 838769-MSR

NOTES: Est. Lead Time: 8-10 weeks. FOB: St. Louis, MO or Atlanta, GA.


48” x 96” x 69” H. (60” Inside Usable Height) Mattress Stack Rack Includes Wire Mesh Decking. New. 3000 lbs. Capacity (UDL). Stackable 4 high. Removable Corner Posts. Color: Orange. Weight: 202 LBS. Part Number: 489669SR-WMD

*Depending on size of mattress they may overhang on the short side.

NOTES: Est. Lead Time: In stock (Allow 1 week to ship. FOB: Cleveland, OH.

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

Mattresses are some of the most difficult items to store in a warehouse. They are big, heavy, unwieldy and expensive. If you don’t store them correctly they can get damaged easily and that is a costly expense.

If you are a mattress manufacturer, mattress retailer or just someone in the need of storing mattresses we have a product for you. Check out our portable, stackable mattress storage racks. They offer the ultimate in storage density, handling efficiency and storage flexibility.

Although we have a popular mattress stack rack sizes, mattress stack rack can be custom manufactured to fit your specific needs. We can manufacture a stackable mattress storage rack to fit twin size, full size, queen size or king size mattresses. And mattress stack racks can be loaded with up to 2,500 LBS of weight per rack and then stacked 3-4 high.

NOTE FROM THE PRO’s: We can offer a variety of decking options. the lead expensive is plywood decking. we can also offer solid steel decking. The least expensive option would be for us to provide the stack rack without decking, just the support bars in base and you can add your own plywood decking when the racks arrive.