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Burial Vault Storage Racks

Drive-in Burial Vault Rack. New. 5W x 3H x 2D = 30 vaults stored. Vaults are 91″W x 35″d x 35″H, weight is up to 3,000 lbs. Clear ceiling height is not a factor since rack will be used outside. Bill of material includes: 6 – 8’H frames, 6 – 8’H x 36″D Frames, 20 – 973 Rail Support beam, 10 – HD Galv Z-Rail 2 notches, 10 – HS Galv Z-Rail 2 notches, 2 – VL St Brac Rod 101″, 18 – VL St Row Spc 29″, 8 – 6″ St Arm, Dou, 2- 6″ St Arm Rig, 2 – 6″ St Arm Left,  8 – Shim & 18 – Anchor. Total Weight: 1600 LBS.

Guide Rails. New. Quoted as an option. Protects rack from forklift damage.

NOTES: Est. Lead Time: 6-7 weeks. Ships best way pre-paid & add. Freight Class 65. FOB: Chicago, IL 60160, Pontiac, IL 61764 or San Diego, CA 92154

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

Burial vault storage racks offer you a way to store burial vaults and caskets safely and efficiently, utilizing the maximum square footage in your facility. Warehouse Rack & Shelf LLC designs and sells casket storage racks to store various sized vaults or caskets to meet your specific needs. Each bay is designed for a specific size vault or casket.

We supply burial vault racks to the nation’s largest manufacturer of burial vaults and their licensees. So we are familiar with burial vault sizes and how they best fit into your specific storage space. Let the engineers provide layout and elevation drawings to help insure compatibility. We will get you the lowest factory direct prices on casket racks.

Our burial vault racks are the highest density vault storage rack system available. You can maximize your storage space with burial vault storage racks. You can easily store 4- 5 vaults high by 6-12 vaults deep. Vault racks are typically drive-in rack accessed from one side. We even offer drive-thru vault storage racks that are accessible from both sides.

Warehouse Rack & Shelf LLC can provide “drive-in” burial vault storage racks that can help you utilize even more of your precious warehouse space. Stocking locations include Chicago, Ill., Dallas, Texas and San Diego, Calif. Estimated lead time is 6-8 weeks. Call us today at (800)763-9020 or email sales@rackandshelf.com to discuss your requirements.

Burial Vault Storage Rack Features and Benefits include:

  • All vaults and caskets are safely stored and protected under one roof.
  • You will discover new space savings with this high-density vault storage rack system.
  • This vault rack system allows you to maximize square footage by using your wasted clear ceiling height, instead of having to build out.
  • Damages will be significantly reduced.
  • Your facility will be more organized and professional looking.
  • Doing inventory will be quicker and more accurate.