Heaviest Duty Structural I-Beam Pallet & Industrial Storage Racks

Industrial Storage Racks – Structural I-Beam Racks are the heaviest duty option for the construction of a variety of different storage rack systems from cantilever racks, pallet racks, injection mold, tool & die storage racks, the options are endless. This heavy duty structural I-beam rack is the chosen rack for industrial stamping companies and steel service centers that store heavy steel coils, steel pipe, steel tube and steel sheets.

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

Whether you are designing a storage rack system for storing steel coils, injection molds, tool & dies or pallets, it makes sense to select the proper storage rack that will safely support the loads. If you have a heavy load that you are wanting to store or if you have rack with many levels at high elevation, it is best to select structural racking – particularly a heavy-duty storage system with I-beams and a bolted connection.

What makes our structural racking different than the others? Besides being able to use structural c-channel beams like all the other manufacturer’s we use heavy duty structural I-beams which can hold heavier loads and better withstand damage from forklifts. All our “heavy duty coil racks, tool and die racks” are manufactured using wide flange or standard shaped I-Beams. That includes rack arms, columns, bases and shelf beams.

Let’s get to the nuts & bolts. Our industrial stamping heavy-duty storage systems have columns, beams, bases and arms that are connected with heavy hex structural ASTM A325 bolts. These are the kind of bolts that are commonly used for building bridges, building and high-rise structures. The combination of heavy structural I-beams and ASTM A325 bolts give you a connection that you can count on.

Dare we say our special I-beam heavy duty storage system offers “100% load utilization” unlike the other rack manufacturers. What does that mean? For instance, our heavy-duty structural I-beam cantilever rack system is designed by factoring 100% load utilization which assume that all arms will be loaded at maximum capacity. Other rack systems may engineer their racks to handle average loading to help reduce costs.

Our industrial stamping storage racks with I-beam construction is designed to be fully load bearing. The Engineers design the coil cradles and die rack decks to support the coil or dies full load. Typically you want the load to be supported by both the front and back beams of the rack system but these special racks can support the load even if the coil or die is not as deep as the shelf. Even our coil cradles allow coil to rest on flat fully supported flat surface while other coil racks have coils supported on the edges of the cradle which can crease or damage the steel.

Unlike other structural rack manufacturers who only weld the top, bottom or inside connection of the beam or arm, our special “I-Beam structural rack” has rack arms that are welded around the entire perimeter. We go to the trouble of having a full seam weld that goes all around the entire perimeter of the I-beam and connector plate or end piece to increase support. This provides added protection from accidental damage from forklifts and other material handling equipment.