Aluminum Dock Plates

36″ W. x 48″ L. x 7″ H. Aluminum Dock Plate. New. 500 LBS uniform capacity. Designed for use with two wheel hand trucks. Tread plate surface. Includes carrying handles and locking legs. Weight: 63 LBS. Part Number: A-3648

NOTES: Est. Lead Time: 1-2 weeks. Ships LTL. Ships best way pre-paid and add. Freight Class 100. FOB: IN 46703


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Aluminum dock plates are a must have item for your loading dock. They bridge the gap between the end of the dock and the back of the trailer and allow you to safely unload trailers with a pallet jack or hand truck!   

Let me start out by saying the most important feature of a dock loading ramp is that it increases safety around the loading dock. Aluminum loading dock plates facilitate hand truck and pallet truck usage, providing an economical way to speed up truck loading and unloading. They span the gap between the edge of your dock and the back end of the trailer or van. They allow hand trucks or pallet jacks to safely go in and out of the trailer.

By closing the gap between the dock and the trailer, you increase the safety of the process in a number of ways. Dock plates provide a spot for you to place your feet while handling the load so they don’t get stuck in the gap. They also prevent the wheels of the pallet jack or hand truck from getting stuck. This saves your employees from straining themselves to dislodge wheels.

Another key benefit to dock plates is efficiency. They allow you to quickly and safely unload trailers. You don’t have to stop and lift the pallet jack or hand truck over the gap. This is a major timesaver!

During our more than 30 years in business, we’ve learned which products are essential. The hand truck or pallet truck are both great additions, and we highly recommend aluminum dock plates to go along with your trucks. When used together, these make for smooth and safe loading and unloading.

Aluminum loading dock plates are a no-brainer because they keep everyone and everything safe. They prevent your personnel from taking dangerous chances. Using a dock loading ramp also keeps your inventory safe. You don’t have to worry about any loads falling into the gap.

Aluminum dock plates make the most sense because they are lighter than steel and easier to manually move. Aluminum resists rust and corrosion so they’ll stand up to any spills or wet weather conditions. This is especially important if you’re working in the food service or agriculture industry. They’re easy to keep clean, too.

They are rectangular shaped steel or aluminum loading dock plates with locking legs and either a hand hole or handles to move them. This ergonomic aluminum dock loading ramp offers the lightest and most economical solution to your loading and unloading requirements.

We really can’t stress enough the importance of using aluminum plates to increase safety and efficiency. We suggest keeping at least one by your loading dock so you’re never without!

Aluminum Dock Plate Features Include:
• Loading dock plates are available in 3/8″ or 1/2″ thickness
• Constructed of high-strength, lightweight “diamond deck” aluminum alloy non-skid tread plate
• The bend of the crown is 11 degrees and located 9″ from the edge of the dock plate
• Includes standard bolt-in zinc plated lock legs, 11″ lip and hand cut out handles for portability. These features make using the plate safe and easy
• Feature locking legs for OSHA Compliance
• Our loading dock plates have capacities that are verified ANSI standard testing
• Designed for hand trucks or pallet jack usage
• Aluminum loading dock plates are never to be used with motorized equipment

Aluminum Dock Plate Model Number Size Capacity Wt. Ships Via
A-3636 Aluminum dock plate. 3/8″ thick. 36″ w. x 36″ l. x 3″ h. 500 lbs. 64 lbs. Ships UPS
A-3648 Aluminum dock plate. 3/8″ thick. 36″ w. x 48″ l. x 3″ h. 500 lbs. 80 lbs. Ships LTL
A-4848 Aluminum dock plate. 3/8″ thick. 48″ w. x 48″ l. x 5″ h. 500 lbs. 105 lbs. Ships LTL
A-6048 Aluminum dock plate. 3/8″ thick. 48″ w. x 60″ l. x 7″ h. 500 lbs. 130 lbs. Ships LTL

Aluminum Dock Plate Model Number Size Capacity Wt. Ships Via
B-3648 Aluminum dock plate. 1/2″ thick. 48″ w. x 36″ l. x 3″ h. 700 lbs. 101 lbs. Ships LTL
B-4848 Aluminum dock plate. 1/2″ thick. 48″ w. x 48″ l. x 5″ h. 700 lbs. 133 lbs. Ships LTL

Additional Information

Weight 63 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 48 × 7 in