To Our Valued Customers:

We are sending this ALERT to all of our customers on a major change in the shipping rates and classification on all pallet rack LTL (Less-Than-Load) shipments. Regardless who the manufacturer is – this change will affect everyone. This change did not affect full truckload rates as they are priced today.
The freight industry has managed to make a sweeping change on many different product classes – re-classifying the freight rates on LTL shipments – one of the product classes is racking. This classification change will be for in virtually every case – DOUBLE (OR MORE) the cost of shipping LTL. This rate change goes into effect for all shipments across the board on November 29th, 2014.

Following, the effective date – most many small shipments of pallet rack will actually be less expensive to ship at the “dedicated” or “full-truckload” rate, versus travel via the old LTL means of transportation. Ridg-U-Rak wants to make you aware of this major change so you and your clients are not surprised by the escalated rates at the time of invoicing.

Any quotes where an estimated freight cost for a less than truckload-rate were offered – should be re-submitted for a new freight estimate (RUR cannot honor any previous LTL estimates going forward).

Attached for your review is the Industry Freight Reclassification Document.

You can research this further at the following link:

In summary, this will prove to be an advantage for our company because by working with a supplier such as Warehouse Rack & Shelf with multiple shipping locations (St. Louis, MO, Chicago, IL, Sterling MA, Sumter, SC, Dallas, TX & San Diego, CA) it will reduce the overall impact of this freight reclassification.

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