Wire decking is one of the most in-demand warehouse products on the market. It’s affordable, versatile and has been an ideal product for many businesses for years. It’s meant to last under the right circumstances. However, heavily concentrated loads can start to bend and eventually break your wire decking. You’re going to continue having the same problem if you replace your wire decking and store the same products. We want our customers to get years of use out of their products, which is why we have a solution for those who store heavy duty materials.

One of the hottest trends in warehousing right now is replacing damaged wire decking with heavy duty bar grate decking. This style, also known as PressLock Pallet Rack Decking, is a much heavier alternative to wire decking, which makes it ideal for storing materials like molds and dies, as well as baskets and bins with feet.

PressLock Pallet Rack Decking can withstand the weight of bins with feet.

Heavy duty bar grate decking is designed to withstand point loads and prevents one particular area from bending under the weight where the point comes down. If you have structural C-Channel beams, the HD bar grate decking comes with waterfall edges that help the beams from spreading.

Wire decking works great for lighter loads, but PressLock Pallet Rack Decking is a better choice for customers with point load issues for several reasons.

Improve safety: Damaged wire decking isn’t just a hassle, it’s a real threat to safety. In addition to falling inventory, you also have to worry about the possibility of rack failure. Placing undue stress on your wire decking can cause it to bend. Unfortunately, it can also cause wear and tear on your pallet racking system, which can lead to an accident.

Heavy duty bar grate decking is frequently used for catwalks and mezzanines, so you know you can trust it to safely store your heavy loads. Because the decking itself stands up so well to heavy loads, you don’t have to worry about it causing issues for your racking system. That’s a load off everyone’s mind!

Additionally, the open design allows for sprinkle access in the event of a fire. Heavy duty bar grate decking will meet the Fire Marshall’s requirements in many cases.

Save money: Heavy duty bar grate decking is more expensive than wire decking, but you’re actually going to save money in the long run. The cost of constantly repairing or replacing damaged wire decking really starts to add up.

In addition to buying more wire decking, you may also have to pay for rack repairs or replacements if your damaged wire decking has caused problems to your pallet racking system. You lose valuable time when you’re constantly replacing your wire decking. Lost time turns into lost money.

You can’t afford NOT to invest in heavy duty bar grate decking. You’ll be thrilled with all the money and time you’ll save.

Maximize density and efficiency: When you use wire decking for point loads, you simply can’t store as much because they cannot withstand the weight. Heavy duty bar grate decking helps you maximize your density because it is designed to take the brunt of point loads. Wasted space is not something anyone can afford!

Wasted time is as bad as wasted space! The design makes it easy to quickly load and unload your racking system, which drastically improves your efficiency. It also provides visibility, which makes it easy to quickly check your inventory without having to unload – that’s a huge time saver when you’re working with heavy loads!

Don’t let your valuable floor space go to waste! Maximize your pallet rack with heavy duty bar grate decking.

Standard decks hold between 4,500 and 6,000 pounds. We can engineer PressLock Pallet Rack Decking to meet your specific needs. Decking comes with either a powder or galvanized finish. We have four styles available, so you can choose the design that works best for you.

We’d be happy to help you determine which is the best style for you.

Installation is easy, so you’ll have minimum downtime and maximum savings! You’re able to use heavy duty bar grate decking with pallet racking or shelving systems.

We highly recommend PressLock Pallet Rack Decking for customers with point loads who are tired of throwing money away on wire decking. You’ll enjoy stability, strength and savings by making the switch. Get a quote or call 1-800-763-9020 today.